Chloe Arnold's Syncopated Ladies Release Tap Dance Video

Posted on: 7/31/2012 7:40AM

Chloe Arnold’s Syncopated Ladies – Female Tap Band Chloe Arnold’s Syncopated Ladies – Female Tap Band has released a cover of Rihanna’s Where Have You Been. The video features five world renowned female tap dancers: Chloe Arnold, Melinda Sullivan, Sarah Reich, Maud Arnold, and Anissa Irving (So You Think You Can Dance, Beyonce, Glee, Dancing with the Stars). It is directed by Dante Russo of Imagiland Productions and produced by Chloe & Maud Productions and Kaleena Rallis.


Chloe Arnold’s Syncopated Ladies – Female Tap Band bring fierce rhythms, fast feet, and a feminine touch. With a cutting-edge sound and look, they are the music and the dance. This diverse, dynamic crew of fly girls are on a Tap mission, ready to deliver rhythm and style to the world. 


“This video is a teaser. I want to propel tap further into the music industry and hope to collaborate with recording artists. The music and movement we will create is infinite” says Chloe Arnold.




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