Countertechnique in the USA this summer

Anouk van Dijk technique programCountertechnique Founder Anouk van Dijk will visit the U.S. to teach two workshops, one at Gibney Dance in New York City on June 13-16 and one at BODYTRAFFIC’s Summer Program in Los Angeles on June 19-22. This is a unique opportunity to work with the creator of Countertechnique and the artistic director of Australian contemporary dance company Chunky Move.


The daily schedule for each of these workshops will start with a Countertechnique class, followed by a Countertechnique Practical Tools session. Each day will conclude with a two-hour workshop combining Chunky Move repertoire and the creation of new movement material.


From June 15 to July 29, Kira Blazek Ziaii and Joy Davis will teach Countertechnique at the American Dance Festival’s Six Week School. Having encountered Anouk van Dijk and Countertechnique at ADF in 2005, everything will come full circle with the two of them returning to the festival to teach Countertechnique themselves.


Joy Davis will also teach a workshop from June 19-23 at the Springdance Intensive in Miami, where she’ll focus on Countertechnique classes and improvisational practice to create an environment for movement discovery.


Kelsey Paschich will teach Countertechnique classes from May 31 to June 3 in Austin as part of the ARCOS Dance Summer Workshop | Professional Training, which offers a range of different classes and workshops.


Rosanna Tavarez will teach Countertechnique classes from July 17-21 in Los Angeles, as part of the Los Angeles Contemporary Dance Company Intensive, and from July 23-27 in Sarasota, as part of the Sarasota Contemporary Dance Summer Intensive.


Charles Slender-White and Joy Davis close the Countertechnique summer activities from July 31 – August 5 at the Summer Dance Lab in San Francisco by FACT/SF. This event also offers several other techniques and repertoire workshops from the company.


For more information, visit See all dates for upcoming Countertechnique events below – as organized by location.


Upcoming Countertechnique Classes Around The World:


Albuquerque: May 3,13,17,24 (Magnify Dance Center, class, Kelsey Paschich)

Albuquerque: May 2,9,16 (Magnify Dance Center, curriculum, Kelsey Paschich)*

Amsterdam: June 12-16 (Henny Jurriëns Stichting, class, Jenia Kasatkina)

Austin: May 31 – June 3 (ARCOS Dance Summer Workshop, class, Kelsey Paschich)

Bangkok: May 22-26 (Bangkok Dance Academy, open class, Kara Burdack)

Berlin: May 15-19, 22-26 (Marameo Berlin, class, Elita Cannata)

Bremen: June 12-16 (Theater Bremen, company class, Yichun Liu)*

Budrio: June 26-30 (Studiodelmovimento Danza, class, Elita Cannata)

Cologne: May 22-26 (ZAIK, class, Yi-chun Liu)

Durham: June 15 – July 28 (American Dance Festival)

Haifa: May 4,11,18,25 (Hasadna Haifa, class, Eilit Marom)

Haifa: May 3,10,24 and June 7,14,21,28 (Beitnua, class, Eilit Marom)

Hamburg: May 29 – June 1 (K3 Tanzplan Hamburg, class, Eva Schaller)

Hamburg: June 6-9 (CDSH – Contemporary Dance School Hamburg, class, Angie Lau)

Harnosand: May 29 – June 6 (Norrdans, company class, Jenia Kasatkina)*

Los Angeles: May 2 (Relativity School, curriculum, Rosanna Tavarez)*

Los Angeles: June 19-22 (BODYTRAFFIC, workshop, Anouk van Dijk)

Maastricht: May 29-31, June 7-8 (Project Sally Maastricht, class, Elita Cannata)

Melbourne: May 3,16,17,18,25, June 1 (CHUNKY MOVE)

Melbourne: May 1,2,4,5,9,12 (Transit Dance, curriculum, Lauren Langlois)*

Miami: June 19-23 (Greedy Pumpkin Head Projects, workshop, Joy Davis)

New York: June 13-16 (Gibney Dance, workshop, Anouk van Dijk)

Potsdam: May 16-20 (Potsdamer Tanztage, workshop, Nina Wollny)

Rotterdam: May 1-12 (Codarts, curriculum, Jenia Kasatkina)*

Winston-Salem: May 1-2 (University of North Carolina School of the Arts – School of Dance, curriculum, Kira Blazek Ziaii)*


* All curriculum events and company classes are closed events.


Photo by Gregory Lorenzutti, courtesy of Countertechnique.