DailyDanceWear: Presenting Mira Cook

Battery Dance Company dancer Mira CookFor this post, DailyDanceWear has got another legging-lover modeling her standard studio ensemble – the very talented Mira Cook. You’ve already met one of Mira’s close colleagues, “crazy legs” Robin Cantrell, with whom Mira dances in Battery Dance Company in New York City.


Mira started out as a classical ballet dancer and ended up in NYC after spending time performing in California. In addition to being a beautiful dancer, Mira is also a singer and songwriter who has performed her songs all over the world. You can see her latest (and greatest, in my opinion) music video combining her music, singing and a strange bunch of dancers in some seriously inspiring outfits on Vimeo.


Mira wore this layered outfit for a pop-up ballet class at Battery Dance Studios in NYC. She tucks her billowy tank top into the waistband of her leggings to reveal her legs for the length that they have.


Her sunshine-y bright leotard is elderly and stretched out, leaving it slightly loose and comfortable for a long day of rehearsals. She still wears leotards even though she primarily performs contemporary and modern work.


DailyDanceWear“I like to wear tight leggings and leotards (ballet school mentality)… with baggy shirts or t-shirts,” she said. But no long sleeves; her arms need to breathe.


Why this layered look? Mira digs the leggings on the regular. “I have a lot of leggings with crazy patterns since they are easy to find in stores right now and I feel like it shows off my good parts,” she explained. So, leggings are always in rotation with her various tops, incorporating color into the tops and bottoms.


Yet, it isn’t always so much about coordination as convenience. She admitted, “I just wear whatever is clean.” Do you relate? Check it out and tell us what outfits you love to wear!


For more information on Battery Dance Company, head to www.batterydance.org. To learn more about Mira as a singer and songwriter, visit http://miracook.com.


Images: Mira Cook modeling her dancewear. Photos by Leigh Schanfein.