Dance Teacher Web Unleashes New Website

The all-new Dance Teacher offers more inspiration, ideas and help for dance teachers and studio owners.


“Think of it as your own private dance teacher seminar delivered directly to you wherever and whenever you want it!” says founder Steve Sirico. 


The top three new features are upgraded HD video players that you can play on full screen without stopping, new business tools that include forms, sample ads and teleseminars by industry professionals like choreographers Napoleon and Tabitha, and an advanced search option that helps you find what you are looking for fast. What these upgrades mean to you is that you can quickly access valuable information, ideas and tips that will help you as a dance teacher or business owner.


“Using Dance Teacher Web is like having your own team of dance professionals or business coaches ready to help you at a moment’s notice,” adds founder Angela D’Valda Sirico.


To see the new website and for membership details visit  

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