EUROTARD dancewear supply 2000 medical masks

On March 24th, Governor Brian Kemp called upon Georgia businesses to help produce critical medical supplies needed by healthcare workers for protection while fighting the spread of COVID-19. The Cano Group, Inc., most commonly known as Eurotard Dancewear, heard Governor Kemp’s call to action. With a production facility located in Alpharetta, Georgia housing supplies and various materials to mass produce sewn goods, Eurotard Dancewear knew they could aid hospitals and healthcare workers across the state, and aid them quickly.


In just over a week after Governor Kemp’s request, Eurotard Dancewear began production of 2,000 face masks for Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta. Using a breathable yet protective Cotton fabric and flexible wire nose piece, the company constructed a unique face mask pattern that provides healthcare workers with a comfortable fit, snug seal at bridge of nose, and the ability to insert a third layer of filter paper should they choose. Most importantly, these cotton face masks from Eurotard Dancewear are reusable. Healthcare workers can wash at home with standard care for extended wear and use. 


In addition to reusable cotton face masks, Eurotard Dancewear has the capabilities to provide other sewn PPEs such as gowns, coveralls, shoe covers, top/bottom scrub alternatives, and more. “We have the factory, the materials, the people, and the desire to help. If any hospital or medical facility is in need of these critical supplies, Eurotard Dancewear is ready and able to assist,” states Rodrigo Cano, President of The Cano Group, Inc. 


For hospitals and facilities needing sewn medical supplies, the company asks you contact Mia Burdette, Director of Consumer Affairs, at

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