Eurotard shoe collection finds success

Eurotard DancewearDancers, teachers, studios and stores have been buying the same brands of shoes for years. On April 30 that all changed when Eurotard Dancewear launched its shoe collection. Very soon after the launch, the positive feedback and word of mouth catapulted Eurotard to the top ranks of the shoe market. 


“All it takes for someone to fall in love with a Eurotard shoe is trying it on,” explains Mary Kathryn Scott, a customer service representative for Eurotard Dancewear. “The fit, the comfort, the durability, the price; everything works together to get customers excited about Eurotard’s shoe collection of three essential styles: the Assemblé split-sole canvas ballet slipper, the Tendu full-sole leather ballet slipper and the Axle slip-on Jazz shoe. All three pairs are expertly crafted with the best materials and precise attention to detail following years of research.”


The Assemblé is made for intermediate to advanced dancers to assist in the articulation of the feet and promises to exceed other split-sole canvas ballet shoes in comfort, price and durability. 


“As soon as a dancer slips it on, they notice the breathable cotton lining and how the multi-way stretch forms perfectly to their foot. The elastic arch casing on the bottom hugs their arch to accentuate a beautiful pointed foot,” notes Scott. 


Elastic binding around the Assemblé’s opening prevents gaping and eliminates the need for a drawstring. Flattened pleating and suede soles reinforce the strength on the bottom of the shoe without dancers feeling any ridges as they transition from flat to demi pointe. The shoe is available in light pink, white and black to fit any class or performance.


Eurotard DancewearThe Tendu, on the other hand, is the full-sole leather ballet slipper designed with beginning to intermediate dancers in mind. 


“The supportive, full-sole helps the dancer develop and strengthen the muscles in their feet,” points out Scott. 


Knowing that this shoe caters to a younger dancer, Eurotard designed it to allow for growing room for those who need it. This is made possible by the slight stretch of the soft, full-grain leather and an anchored elastic drawstring that tightens or loosens for the perfect fit. Under the premium leather is a breathable cotton lining for air circulation. 


Thirdly, the Axle is a high-quality slip-on jazz shoe that comes in the tradition tan and black. The low profile gives the shoe a sleek, aerodynamic look with a low, tapered heel to give support. 


Eurotard Dancewear“The comfortable stretch and flex arch insert is light and breathable, showing off a gorgeous pointed foot while allowing air circulation to keep the foot dry. The stretch and flex arch insert also allows enough expansion to offer this shoe in whole sizes only perfect for all ages and technique levels,” says Scott.


The black is a classic black and the tan is a great neutral to perfectly match Eurotard’s light suntan and caramel non-run tights.


Since Eurotard shoes fit true to street-shoe size, it simplifies dancers’ shopping experience. To learn more about these dance shoes and where you can buy them, head to


Photos (from top down): The Assemblé, the Tendu and the Axle. Photos courtesy of Eurotard.