Fly on a Wall presents work on a floating floor

Prism 2 by Fly on a Wall in AtlantaFly on a Wall is an Atlanta-based multidisciplinary group of artists that produces work that includes elements of dance, acting, music, design and visual art. The collective will soon present Prism 2, an intimate evening of open research and development centered around a floating floor suspended by harp string and monofilament.


Prism 2 will be presented Sunday, January 29 from 6-9 pm at 210 Flat Shoals Avenue SE in Atlanta. The experience is open and free to the public, with a cash bar to be offered.


As Fly on a Wall’s second venture into exploring the abstract nature of prisms, Prism 2 follows Prism Study #1, which premiered in September 2014 as a part of Art on the Atlanta Beltline. Whereas Prism Study #1 utilized an 8-foot plexiglass box to isolate and highlight human interactions, Prism 2 will use a floating floor hanging from the ceiling to continue Fly on a Wall’s interest in performance structures.


“We became interested in monofilament during our residency at The Hambidge Center last winter,” explained Program Coordinator Sean Hilton. “At first we imagined light and its refraction through the monofilament was our primary focus, however [Production Coordinator Nathan Griswold] began building small floating platforms out of wood and suspending them with monofilament from the rafters. On our last day of the residency we decided to make an entire floor out of it. Then it struck us…what if we suspended it with musical string as well?”


Prism 2, funded in part by Idea Capitol, is being presented in a café-like environment, where the audience will be free to engage in conversation with fellow audience members and the Fly on a Wall team.


Musical Coordinator Jesse Tyler will spend the evening discovering and manipulating sound made by the structure. Through movement and subtle weight shifts the structure will reveal a musical landscape that the artists of Fly on a Wall will navigate with physical response.


Prism 2 is the first phase of research and development for Fly on a Wall’s work on and around the floating floor. The primary focus of this evening will be to gather information and feedback, as well as to fold the public into the process surrounding this body of work. For further information, visit


Photo by Jesse Tyler.