Hallmark to premiere ‘A Nutcracker Christmas’

Hallmark Channel presents A Nutcracker ChristmasThe Hallmark Channel will premiere its new movie A Nutcracker Christmas featuring actress Amy Acker, former American Ballet Theatre soloist Sascha Radetsky and award-winning teen phenomenon Sophia Lucia on Saturday evening, December 10.


As part of its “Countdown to Christmas” campaign, which presents holiday movies all day and all night through Christmas, Hallmark is presenting 19 new premieres.


A Nutcracker Christmas is about a “jaded ex-ballerina” (played by Acker) whose talented niece (played by Lucia) is cast in The Philadelphia Ballet’s production of The Nutcracker. Acker’s character Lily is forced to come to terms with her life when her niece has to work with the man she formerly loved but left behind (played by Radetsky.)


In an interview promoting the movie, Lucia said, “I think this movie for me really brought a sense of joy and a different type of look on dance.”


Acker said, “Themes that resonate with me are following your dreams and maybe not being afraid to even find your dream again.”


Radetsky stated, “It’s really also about forgiveness and reconciliation.”


For more information and a look behind the scenes, head to www.hallmarkchannel.com/a-nutcracker-christmas.


Photo: A Nutcracker Christmas, featuring Amy Acker, Sascha Radetsky and Sophia Lucia. Photo courtesy of The Hallmark Channel.