Introducing Crystal Tide by Energetiks

Rachelle di Stasio in Crystal TideExciting news, U.S. readers! Energetiks, the iconic Australian dance and active wear brand beloved by many, has released a brand-new collection: Crystal Tide.


Abounding with fresh designs and vibrant hues, Crystal Tide can be seen on the cover of Dance Informa USA’s October edition, as worn by 19-year-old Model Search winner Rachelle di Stasio. Stasio is a former American Ballet Theatre dancer who is enjoying a season off filled with freelance work and modeling. She’s currently signed to Wilhelmina Model and Talent Agency.


The gorgeous Energetiks attire she dons is inspired by beachside destinations and turquoise-colored waters – which is fitting because that’s exactly where her images were shot for the collection. Each piece is packed with eye-catching geometric prints.


Overall, the collection features four new colors: purple gem, blue diamond, amethyst and ocean.


Offering dancers a sports-luxe edge in a collection of styles—including the ever-popular tri-cut legging—the collection is certainly one to watch.


To shop Crystal Tide, which is now available in the U.S. via Amazon at Visit for more information on Energetiks.

Photo: Rachelle di Stasio in Crystal Tide. Photography by Chris Bagôt.