L.A. DanceMagic kicks off its 2016-17 Tour

Touring Dance Convention by Jackie SleightL.A. DanceMagic recently kicked off its 2016-17 Season in Houston, TX. The touring dance convention will visit 14 cities before its Final Cut at the end of June 2017 and its National Finals in early July 2017.


Director Jackie Sleight told Dance Informa, “L.A. DanceMagic was off to an amazing start in Houston! New sets, backdrops, and lighting complimented the exciting new programs that were initiated this season. The faculty and staff was awe inspiring, as usual, and they’re definitely ready for this year!”


For the second year in a row, LADM is holding auditions for AMDA, PACE, Relativity, and Chapman University in several of their cities. Representatives from the colleges awarded over $100,000 in scholarships last weekend in Houston!


Touring Dance Convention by Jackie Sleight“At weekly auditions, LADM awards thousands of dollars in scholarships to Edge Performing Arts Center, Joffrey Texas, Rhee Gold’s Dance Life Retreat, and many of LADM’s events, including a full scholarship to our spectacular summer event, Final Cut,” Sleight said.


“Also, many dancers take part in the weekly audition for Princess Cruise Lines,” she added.


LADM is also honored annually at the Industry Dance Awards in Hollywood, where one competition routine is selected to receive the award “LADM Top Performance of the Year.”


In addition to all of this, LADM arranges one-on-one meetings with the top dance agents in Los Angeles, “proving time and time again that we’re here to help our dancers succeed,” noted Sleight.


Touring Dance Convention by Jackie SleightOne new addition for LADM this year is its Magic Mini program, which had everyone “smiling, laughing, and applauding” the youngest dancers in Houston. LADM worked with child psychologists and pediatricians to format the new classes and approach for four to seven-year-olds.


“Lines of happy parents were saying that the program is ‘brilliant!’” Sleight said.


Sleight was also happy because the LADM Dance Company “put on its best performance ever, and was joined by the new LADM Men’s Company, a group of young men who wowed the audience and faculty alike.”


Next, LADM will visit these cities: Denver on Nov. 18-20; St. Louis on Jan. 13-15; Seattle on Jan. 20-22; Santa Clara on Jan. 27-29; Orlando on Feb. 3-5; Dallas on Feb. 10-12; Provo on Feb. 17-18; Chicago on Feb. 24-26; Detroit on Mar. 3-5; Baton Rouge on Mar. 10-12; Anaheim on Mar. 31-Apr. 2; Mobile on Mar. 21-23; and Phoenix on Mar. 28-30.


For more information, click here or visit www.ladancemagic.com.


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Photos courtesy of LADM.