MorDance presents Season Seven at the Kaye Playhouse at Hunter College

MorDance, known for its commitment to creating new works that straddle the classical and contemporary ballet vernacular, presents Season Seven, April 3-4 at the Kaye Playhouse at Hunter College. 


With three world premieres woven together by themes of humanity, an ensemble of eight, joined by composer Polina Nazaykinskaya, pianist Konstantin Soukhovetski and lighting designer Becky Hiesler, will push ballet to its limits with fast-paced bravura, intricate footwork, and scenic innovation. Due in part to the contributions by Nazaykinskaya and Soukhovetski, the April 3rdperformance will open with a proclamation from Governor Cuomo, naming the evening the first State-wide celebratory event to commemorate Russian American History Month in partnership with the Russian American Cultural Heritage Center, Inc.


Mirroring a layered, bright, and nuanced score by Terry C. Riley, In C utilizes narrow draping backdrops repositioned and layered throughout the premiere to represent the fifty-three overlapped musical phrases to personify pulse and breath. With a classical allegro vocabulary juxtaposed with pedestrian snapshots, this fast paced and mathematical premiere shines a light on the ensemble’s virtuosic technique. 


Additionally, Encounters, a somber and ethereal work composed by Nazaykinskaya and performed by the captivating pianist Konstantin Soukhovetski, contrasts the divine and the earthly, exploring the effects of their meeting by those attuned to the energies of a higher power.  In the true spirit of collaboration, Soukhovetski, who will play on stage in close proximity to the dancers, will execute port de bras and gestures in relation to the dancers while one hand continues to play the piano, calling the dancers to act and react to the movement. 


To close the evening, Humanismshines a light on the spoken words and music of civil rights activists spanning across the globe and throughout time. Contemporary in its movement language, the work highlights the voices and causes that both called for change and justice throughout history, while bringing to life a vision for the future generations.  


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Image courtesy of MorDance

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