NBC Fails to Air Darcey Bussell dance in Olympic Closing Ceremony

American audiences unfortunately missed out on viewing a beautiful ballet sequence staring famous former Royal Ballet principal Darcey Bussell at the closing ceremony of the London Olympics on Sunday. Viewers are up in arms as NBC cut out coverage from the Closing Ceremony to air their new show Animal Practice.


Darcey flew in as a red bird with flames from her wings and was partnered by four male dancers, as well as large corp of dancers on all corners – over 200 dancers in total! Sadly the gorgeous spectacle was missed by millions of US viewers.


Dance Informa has found some footage, shot on a camera by a spectator in the audience. The quality is low, but at least those who missed it can get an idea of the performance. If we find better footage, we will upload it.


NBC not only cut out Darcey’s performance but also anticipated performances by Ray Davies, Kate Bush, The Who and Muse. Needless to say, there are many outraged fans.

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