New musical webseries, called “The Last of Its Kind.”

There are some unlikely new upcoming stars of the musical theatre internet: a cartoon cat on her ninth life, a doomed Arctic explorer in 1912, a clown who injures himself and can no longer fold himself into a tiny clown car, etc. They’re all part of a new musical webseries, called “The Last of Its Kind.” Each episode is a self-contained musical, ranging from a few minutes to a quarter of an hour. Produced at NMI’s greenscreen studio in North Hollywood, the series ranges from the fantastical to the dramatic; from the silly to the profound.


“Not all endings are sad,” explains series producer Scott Guy, “Finality can mean the last payment on a mortgage, or the final exam before graduating. Although there’s a touch of melancholy in many of our episodes, some are just out-and-out goofy.”


The initial episode features Captain Robert Falcon Scott, whose doomed expedition to the South Pole ended in tragedy in 1912, writing his final letter to his wife. “We use Capt. Scott’s actual words as both dialogue and as lyrics,” says Guy, “They’re very moving.”


Subsequent episodes feature the last fight between a cat and a dog (on a low-budget kiddie television show); a poor insomniac trying to count the last sheep before falling asleep; the last dinosaur; two soldiers lost in the desert with one last drink of water between them, and so on.


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