New Teacher Training Course announced

RAD Silver Swans Dance Teacher Training CourseDance Teacher Web, an online resource for dance teachers, has just announced a new partnership with the Royal Academy of Dance (RAD) to present the organization’s exclusive Silver Swans Teacher Training Course.


On Monday, July 24 from 8 am to 6:30 pm, the Royal Academy of Dance will host an exciting U.S./U.K. pilot of its Silver Swans program during the first day of the Dance Teacher Web LIVE Conference and Expo in Las Vegas. This exclusive training opportunity will give dance teachers access to delivering a new program of ballet classes for the over-55s from fall 2017.


RAD’s new training and licensing initiative is an exciting business opportunity for experienced dance teachers to extend their expertise and offer adult ballet through branded Silver Swans classes.


Participants will learn how to adapt their teaching to the growing “silver swan” and “silver snowbird” audience, including tips for keeping dancers coming back to class week after week and marketing material. Applicants must be RAD members or have recent experience in teaching ballet.


Limited to only 30 attendees to start, now less than 20 spots remain for this opportunity at Dance Teacher Web LIVE this summer. Tuition is $148 and counts towards RAD member CPD requirements. For more information or to claim your spot, head to


If you want to learn more about Dance Teacher Web Live Conference and Expo 2017, read this article in the current edition of Dance Informa Magazine USA: