Prix de Lausanne Finalists Announced

Prix de LausanneThe 2103 Prix de Lausanne Finalists have been announced. These 20 talented dancers will be competing in tomorrow’s finals at Théâtre de Beaulieu in Lausanne, Switzerland.


104 Martignago Alysha
109 Fogarty Miko
113 Yanagisawa Kaho
114 Domingues Leticia
203 Silva Adhonay
210 Acri Simon
212 Corrales Cesar
214 Oberlin Matias
318 Kallanvaara Ida Anneli
320 Yoshida Neneka
407 Zhang Jinhao
408 Sebastião Francisco
410 Coelho Tiago
412 Li Wentao
414 Gong Zunyuan
415 Erni Lucas
418 Rogers Zachary
419 Yamamoto Masaya
423 Woellner Joel
424 Edwards Thomas


Tomorrow these finalists will perform their classical and contemporary variations in front of the jury. Preceeded by a warm-up that the public is invited to observe, the finals also include a half-hour interlude performance by special guest artists.


The 2013 finals will be streamed live in high definition at