Real Time Pain Relief supports dancers

Real Time Pain Relief Foot Cream for DancersFor dancers, healthy feet are crucial. No matter our style of dance, we depend on them to hold us up as we move through various steps and choreographic works. Whether turning, jumping or simply stepping, our feet are what ground us. And yet, how many of us spend the necessary time taking care of our feet after class and performance?


For how important feet are, they’re usually our most underappreciated body part. 


Real Time Pain Relief Foot Cream is one product dancers should be familiar with. Like the Flagship Pain Relief Product meant for the whole body, the Foot Cream contains healing ingredients that help to resolve your pain and discomfort.


Instead of masking it like some other topical pain relievers, Real Time Pain Relief (RTPR) works to really relieve minor aches and pains. For our feet, that means muscle strains, bruises, sprains and any arthritic pain.


RTPR seeks to support young athletes and the art community by offering products that are safe, effective and fast acting, and by sponsoring dance events. This summer, RTPR is a “proud sponsor” of the 2016 Dance Teacher Summit—which will be held in both New York City ‪on July 29-31 and in Long Beach, CA ‪on August 5-7.


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For other ideas on how to keep your feet healthy, check out this Dance Informa article on “7 Ways to Refresh Your Dancer Feet.”