Satellite Collective announces its new 2020 initiative Satellite Fellowships

Satellite Collective (Kevin Draper, Artistic Director) is pleased to announce a new initiative of fiscal sponsorships and mentorship programs for artists. Entitled Satellite Fellowships, the initiative is scheduled to launch in March 2020 with the announcement of the first five fellows. Following the initial announcement, Satellite plans to grow the program through a regional, city-wide rollout supported by creative programming with the goal of 25 regional fellowships by late autumn of 2020.The company then plans to expand the program to a national level with an ultimate target of fiscal support for 250 artists by the end of 2021.


“Satellite promotes truly collective work, incubating artists as equals, and the kind of collaborative work that appeals to other artists and kindles a desire to work with each other,” said Mr. Draper. “We believe an important part of that is mentoring artists in organizational growth and providing fiscal sponsorship at realistic rates. Satellite’s own experience as a graduate of the BAM professional development program has taught us the depth and importance of artists developing successful businesses and we plan to impact the artistic community in New York in just this way with our fellowship program.”


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Image courtesy of Satelite Collective

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