Starpower Talent Competition

Gary Pate & Grace Wakefield
Noelle Pate Packett


Starpower offers a professional, exciting, energetic, and unique competitive setting for Starpowerour dancers. With thousands in star dollars awarded, scholarships, performance opportunities, amazing faculty, and innovative scoring system, Starpower has been a leader in the competition industry for over 30 years and continues to grow and improve each year. Starpower offers a chance for everyone across the country to compete with its diverse tour dates and locations; also offering 8 National Championships in the summer of 2020.Starpower

Dancers can compete in all styles of dance, including jazz, modern, tap, contemporary, lyrical, musical theatre, and many more for all ages!

Starpower offers its participants a chance to win thousands in star dollars, scholarships for dancers to pursue a college education, scholarships to attend our dance workshops and other competitions, trophies, plaques, pins, banners, Mr or Miss Starpower, and much more.


2020 Tour Schedule

7-9 Feb Davenport, IA

7-9 Feb Spokane, WA

14-16 Feb Redondo Beach, CA

21-23 Feb Sparta, NJ

22-23 Feb Las Vegas, NV

28 Feb – 1 Mar Kansas City, MO

28 Feb – 1 Mar Towson, MD

28 Feb – 1 Mar Tulsa, OK

28 Feb – 1 Mar Portland, OR

6-8 Mar Seattle, WA

6-8 Mar Kansas City, MO

6-8 Mar Omaha, NE

6-8 Mar Riverside, CA

6-8 Mar East Brunswick, NJ

7-8 Mar Memphis, TN

13-15 Mar Andover, MA

13-15 Mar Middleton, WI

13-15 Mar Raleigh, NC

13-15 Mar Atlanta, GA

13-15 Mar Murfreesboro, TN

13-15 Mar Meadowlands, NJ

20-22 Mar Louisville, KY

20-22 Mar Baton Rouge, LA

20-22 Mar Charleston, WV

20-22 Mar Detroit, MI

20-22 Mar San Jose, CA

20-22 Mar Saint Charles, MO

20-22 Mar Fresno, CA

27-29 Mar Mobile, AL

27-29 Mar Wichita, KS

27-29 Mar Hamilton, Canada

27-29 Mar Gilbert, AZ

3-5 Apr Pittsburgh, PA

3-5 Apr Albuquerque, NM

3-5 Apr Hartford, CT

3-5 Apr Long Island, NY 

3-5 Apr Spartanburg, SC

3-5 Apr Little Rock, AR

3-5 Apr Fort Worth, TX

17-19 Apr East Brunswick NJ

17-19 Apr Jacksonville, FL

17-19 Apr Providence, RI

17-19 Apr Baltimore, MD

17-19 Apr ndianapolis, IN

24-26 Apr Upper Marlboro, MD

24-26 Apr Lakeland, FL

24-26 Apr Manahawkin, NJ

24-26 Apr Oaks, PA

24-26 Apr Meadowlands, NJ

24-26 Apr Minneapolis, MN

24-26 Apr Ft Lauderdale, FL

1-3 May Woodbridge, VA – Forest Park

1-3 May Anaheim, CA

1-3 May Niagara Falls, NY

1-3 May Concord, NC

1-3 May San Diego, CA

1-3 May ustin, TX

1-3 May Aurora, IL

1-3 May Woodbridge, VA – HYLTON

8-10 May Columbus, OH

8-10 May Toronto, Canada

8-10 May Hampton Roads, VA

8-10 May Springfield, MA

8-10 May East Brunswick, NJ

15-17 May Syracuse, NY

22-24 May Lancaster, PA

22-24 May Sandusky, OH


Las Vegas, NV June 23-27

Atlantic City, NJ June 29-July 3

Branson, MO June 29-July 3

Orlando FL July 4-8

Wisconsin Dells, WI July 6-10

Uncasville, CT July 6-10

Myrtle Beach, SC July 12-15

Ocean City, MD July 19-23


Phone 301-870-9550

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