StarQuest to host 60+ events in its 24th year

National Dance Competition StarQuestDirected by President and Founder Steve Wappel, StarQuest Performing Arts Competition will soon launch its 24th year of dance events with its first Regionals on January 26-29 in Long Island, NY and Lancaster, PA. In total, StarQuest will host more than 60 dance competitions in 2017, including the open World Finals set for Texas, Ohio and Virginia this summer.


StarQuest Lead Producer Michael Ian Cedar told Dance Informa, “This year we implemented the strongest audition process we’ve ever had for our road staff and judges. This is also the most comprehensive training program we’ve ever had for the incoming staff. The combined efforts of our carefully selected road warriors, seasoned management team, and well-vetted judges will create the strongest experience for our guests yet. It is the greatest feeling for Steve, Melissa, Caitlyn, and myself to know the guests on all four of our tours are receiving the service and treatment that we would have provided ourselves.”


When asked what is new for 2017, Cedar said, “We have added a second Title competition – the Emerging Artist award – exclusively open to our Nova (beginner) and Classic (intermediate) level dancers. We are expecting approximately 40,000 dancers to join us this year, and I believe between the criteria refinement of our three levels, and the addition of the Emerging Artist title award, we will create more inclusion, leading to more positive experiences for more dancers.”


StarQuest National Dance Competition“Our open invitational World Finals also help us serve more people by not forcing studios to come to our Regionals to participate in our summer events,” he added. “Again, more inclusion means we at StarQuest have the opportunity to impact more dancers while encouraging them to inspire!”


One reason StarQuest stands out to so many is its commitment to listening to feedback from studio owners and teachers.


“From talking to hundreds of studio directors over the past summer and fall, I have a sense that many of the leaders in this industry are becoming more and more clear as to how they define success at a dance competition. Every studio brings to the dance floor their own values and their own definitions of what winning means,” Cedar explained.


“I think as the dance competition industry has been growing, the need to know what defines one studio from another studio is important. I have a hunch this will be one of the most positive years in the dance competition world we have seen yet, for the directors, parents, and dancers. Not everyone comes to win a trophy. I think this will create a very different dynamic at the events.”


Touring dance competition in America and CanadaOverall, StarQuest is thrilled for what the season will bring. Cedar concluded, “I think this is a pivotal season for StarQuest as a company and the industry as a whole, and I am excited to see what talent 2017 has to offer!”

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Photos by King Shots Photography, courtesy of StarQuest.