Step Up 2 Dance Tour launches conventions

Dance convention in New EnglandStep Up 2 Dance Tour is excited to launch its 2017-2018 Season on October 8! Offering professional, quality events since 1988, Step Up 2 Dance will bring its conventions to eight cities this season and will host 25 regional competitions before its 2018 Nationals next summer.


Owner Carol Wallace said Step Up 2 Dance is “100% passion, inspiration and dedication.” She emphasized, “No matter your age or ability, you will leave more motivated, more committed with more learned skills!”


The staff works hard to keep events as fun, exciting and stress free as possible for dancers, teachers and parents.


Conventions commence in Danvers, MA on October 8 and then Competitions begin in Tampa, FL on January 21, 2018!


So is Step Up 2 Dance Tour coming to a city near you this season? Find out here or at