Summit Dance Works opens new studio

Colorado Springs dance studioAfter 16 years of being in the same location with a different studio, Summit Dance Works has now opened up the largest studio in the region of Colorado Springs, CO.


When asked why would they want to take on more responsibility and more expenses, the team responds that it’s simply to reach as many kids as possible. With an entirely new management team, and a full staff backing them, studio owners Lyndzi and Doug Barnes are now able to offer not only 120+ classes for all ages of dancers, but they are actually offering free programs for multiple different age groups. 


The pride and joy of the studio is its new Dance Abilities class, which is a 100% free class for children with special needs. Focusing on creative movement, gross skills and fine motor skills, this class was designed to give children a place to feel safe and to creatively start experiencing the arts. The instructor, Debi Spencer, has her Masters in Education and has been asking to start this program for years. With the new state-of-the-art facility and location change, it was time to help her implement this program into the curriculum. 


Colorado Springs dance studioAnd the Barnes have not stopped there! In Colorado Springs, CO there are not a lot of options for male dancers and they wanted to offer a place for boys to feel comfortable starting dance. Last year, they hired their first male staff member and have implemented a free Boys-Only Hip-Hop Program with him. They have separate age groups and are offering two different levels of classes. There are such a large amount of talented male dancers and the Barnes wanted to promote how healthy and beneficial dance can be for boys. It can help with other sports they play, increase their confidence and self-esteem, plus help get them scholarships for college.


“We knew that with this new studio, things had to be different,” said Lyndzi. “We have an opportunity here to really start helping more families and getting more kids involved in the arts. When deciding to move studios, there were two options. We can either downsize or go bigger. By being able to go to a better part of town and add more studios, we are able to reach more kids and offer these types of programs on a regular basis. All business is about making a living, but for us it is more about the kids and being able to offer programs that they have never been able to experience.”


Summit Dance Works grand openingLyndzi grew up at the studio and it was more than just a studio for her, it was home. With Doug, her husband, onboard, they are looking to offer a one-of-a-kind family experience. With training and advice from their mentor, Misty Lown of “More Than Just Great Dancing”, they are looking to take this studio into being more than just a dance studio, but a place for children to learn lessons that can transfer to any career or path of life that they choose.


Currently, SDW provides ballet, tap, jazz, lyrical, acrobatics, musical theatre, pointe and hip-hop instruction to more than 300 students. For further information, visit


Photos courtesy of Lyndzi Barnes.