Texas Ballet Theater expands company

Texas Ballet Theater expands company for 2017-2018 Season

Texas Ballet Theater (TBT) has expanded its company for the 2017-2018 Season. As the dancers return to work, they will be joined by four new trainees, four apprentices and five new company members. 


“We are pleased to add some talented new dancers to our company this season,” said TBT Artistic Director Ben Stevenson, O.B.E. “Several of these dancers have been part of our family for years either in classes, summer intensives or as trainees, and I am proud to see them progress in our company, which is a testament to the success of our program.”


Company Members:


– Alex Danna (formerly an apprentice) – company member since 2016, is a New Orleans native and has danced with the New Orleans Ballet Association, Houston Ballet Academy, and TBT’s Professional Division. It’s his second season with TBT.


– Ruth Langill (formerly an apprentice) – California native, attended the Art of Ballet course for professional dancers, supported by the William Forsythe Foundation in Madrid, Spain. Now she returns to Fort Worth to continue with her fifth season at TBT. 


– Samantha Pille (formerly an apprentice) – danced for the Cincinnati Ballet and The Las Vegas Contemporary Dance Theater. In 2015, she joined the Professional Division at TBT and now begins her second season with TBT as a company member.


– Hannah Wood (formerly an apprentice) – began her ballet training at North Atlanta Dance Academy, The Harid Conservatory, and Houston Ballet’s Ben Stevenson Academy. Wood is starting her third season as a company member at TBT.


– Kyle Torres-Hiyoshi (new to TBT) – Torres-Hiyoshi has danced with the American Academy of Ballet, The School of American Ballet at Lincoln Center, ABT’s Studio Company and Boston Ballet II. Torres-Hiyoshi will begin his first season with TBT as a company member. 




– Valentin Batista – joining TBT from Orlando Ballet’s Second Company and will begin his first season with TBT as an apprentice.


– Meghan Lynch – joins TBT from Chicago and has danced at American Ballet Theatre Studio. Lynch will begin her first season with TBT as an apprentice.


– Adeline Melcher – New Orleans native, danced at Houston Ballet’s Ben Stevenson Academy before joining TBT in 2015.  Melcher will begin her third season as an apprentice at TBT.


– Charis Alimanova – danced at Space Coast Ballet Academy and Kirov Academy of Ballet in Washington D.C. before joining TBT in 2015. Alimanova begins her third season at TBT as an apprentice.




– Tatiana Melendez – in her first season as a trainee with TBT. She danced for the All American Dance Factory and Classical Ballet School, and Houston Ballet Academy’s Professional Division.


– Adriana Camareno – in her first season as a trainee with TBT. She began her ballet career at Academia De Artes Franceschi and continued at Orlando Ballet, Joffrey Ballet School NYC, Pro-Danza Cuba, Ballets De San Juan, Art Ballet Academy, and the TBT Professional Division.


Celeste Gaiera – in her first season as a trainee with TBT. The New Zealand native has danced in Portland, with Marin Dance Theater and in Pittsburgh Ballet Theater’s Graduate Program.


– Noah Miller – in his first season as a trainee with TBT. He danced with the Laguna Dance Theater, Dmitri Kulev Classical Ballet Academy, and Houston Ballet Academy.