The 22nd Modern Atlanta Dance Festival

Modern Atlanta Dance (MAD) Festival 2016On June 3 and 4, the Modern Atlanta Dance (MAD) Festival returns for its 22nd year, presenting two nights of dance featuring eight choreographers’ works performed by a host of local dancers.


Set at the Balzer Theater at Herren’s in downtown Atlanta, the MAD Festival was created to showcase the “diversity and excellence of the local dance scene.” It presents a variety of dance techniques and artistic visions.


For 2016, the MAD Festival invites the following artists and companies to take the stage: Bolivian-born, Tennessee-raised artist Bella Dorado in Bits and Chunks; 15-year-old Gathering Wild Dance Company in Benevolence; emerging artist Kamali Hill in Keep the Body, Take the Mind; Kennesaw State University teacher Lisa K. Lock’s Table Manners 5.0 performed by KSU dance students; ENIGMA Dance Theater Founder/Artistic Director Okwae A. Miller​’s CARVEDimages: all of the women. in me. are tired.; and Proia Dance Project’s On the Line.


The festival’s host company is Full Radius Dance, as its Director Douglas Scott founded the annual event. Full Radius Dance will present A Waltz for the End of Our Time. Guest choreographer Otis Sallid will also present CHIAROSCURO: A Light in the Dark.


Both festival performances will commence at 8pm. For further details on programming and artists, visit


Image: MAD Festival artist Okwae A. Miller. Image courtesy of Full Radius Dance.