‘Wrestles With’ by Dance into Deliverance

Wrestles With dance filmDance into Deliverance, a part-time dance ensemble based in New York, recently released Wrestles With: ONE, part one of a new dance film project looking at the different voices we deal with in our heads in our day-to-day experience. [Watch the first short film below.]


A company aiming to “explore the creativity of the Word of God,” Dance into Deliverance re-defines the title “dance ministry.”


Dance into Deliverance Artistic Director/Producer Jessica Ray said, “I’m pretty sold on the belief that my personal mandate as an artist is to explore the creativity of the Word of God through movement and film, and create dynamic inquisitive work led by the Holy Spirit. So, when creating anything for my company, Dance into Deliverance, our goal is to reach, heal and inspire hearts.”


The company’s latest film delves into the inner conflict and struggle of believers’ human nature and divine nature.


Ray explains, “As I went deeper into process for this piece, I began to realize the core perspective I needed was coming from the standpoint of kingdom philosophy in Christianity. Being born again, we die to our sin nature, and it is replaced with a nature of righteousness. We still, however, are struggling with retraining our minds to fall in line with the promise declared over our life by our Creator.” 


She continued, “Wrestles With looks at the different voices that call out to us in our shifting mindset, whether it be our voice, the Creator, our friends, our family or the enemy. The key is to recognize the voice of Truth amongst them all, and to endure until the end.”


While the film is clearly relevant to Christians, Ray also believes it can hit home for anyone, regardless of their beliefs. “This thought of retraining our minds, or being diligent to discern what voices are guiding us, can resonate and translate with anyone despite their belief system,” she added.


Follow Dance into Deliverance at http://danceintodeliverance.org to see what future projects the company is working on. The second part of Wrestles With will be released soon.



Photo and Video: Featuring choreography by Jessica Ray and movement performed by Deborah Chambers, Angela Morgan, Kaitlin Niewoehner, Caitlin Parish and Brooke Stewart at Ruby Bird Studios in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. Steve Zavitz acted as the second cinematographer on set.